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Solving digitization and regulatory problems

investify TECH was founded to solve the current challenges in the securities business using technology. Our customers include renowned financial institutions such as banks, as well as non-financials such as finance portals and technology companies.
We never lose sight of your company's strengths, unique personality, and corporate values in the course of making it more competitive. As a technology and regulatory service provider, we create innovative investment solutions to make your company stand out and to underline what makes it special.


Improve efficiency and digitization


Minimize regulatory burden


Integrate sales networks and marketplaces


Develop modern, strong-selling products


Attract and retain young and old customer groups


Expand your personal advice services digitally

2.0Investment platform

Modular white label solutions

2.1Product focus

Our solutions make you an outperformer in the investment business

The investify iP3 platform forms the basis for your customer-centric white label solution. If required, our services include all processes from onboarding to customer support, allowing you to concentrate entirely on sales.
Our platform approach and process automation ensure that all our products provide solutions that are not only high-quality, but also efficient. #SmartInvestmentSolutions
Our iP3 platform digital and hybrid Digital asset management and robo-advisory more Investment advice and execution only more Innovative securities-based savings solutions more Alternative investment applications (private equity, etc.) more Individual, partner-specific developments more

investify offers highly customizable solutions for digital and hybrid asset management. Set new standards for personal advice or online sales in terms of optics (look & feel), content (asset management, reporting, algorithms etc.), and sales (offline, hybrid, online). If necessary, we can even take on your regulatory burden as a regulatory service provider.

At investify, we firmly believe that investment advice and asset management will increasingly converge. Customers can choose their preferred option on the basis of our technological platform and on the premise of a customer-centred customer journey. Our processes ensure that regulatory risks can be minimized.

We all know that many people find financial services boring or even a stressful. Our goal is for our customers to enjoy dealing with savings and investment solutions. That's why we create innovative and customized savings solutions that regularly encourage customers to invest in securities. This enables us to sustainably increase sales.

We have learned from our professional investors that alternative investments such as private equity are an essential part of a broadly diversified portfolio. This can increase performance and reduce risk. Using our technological platform, we can also digitize the sales and settlement processes for non-tradable securities.

We have learned from working with our customers day to day that everyone has not only different goals and needs, but also different guidelines and infrastructures. That's why we are happy to develop our investment and regulatory service platform with you. This enables us to create solutions that will be accepted in your institution and by your demanding stakeholders.

2.2Satisfied customers

Strong companies trust investify TECH

We have a track record that speaks for itself! Renowned financials and non-financials in different sectors put their trust in investify's expertise in technology, regulatory matters, and investment. #ProudToBePartOfIt


Digitization of private banking

  • State-of-the-art hybrid asset management
  • Tools for personal advice
  • Minimization of regulatory costs through business process outsourcing

2.3Modular approach

The microservice architecture of our iP3 platform creates flexibility and stability

Our partners' investment solutions are developed from front-end, back-end, algorithm, and regulatory service modules. Our microservice architecture means the solutions can be closely tailored to the customer, based on proven platform standards. This, along with the Software as a Service approach (SaaS), can significantly reduce your implementation costs and risks.

Our API interfaces ensure comprehensive integration into your systems if required. Alternatively, our solutions can also be built completely autonomously and operated via standard cloud technologies. #BuildOnPlatformSuccess


iP3 plattform front-end modules Customer support Sales analysis License package KYC/PEP check Loss threshold monitoring Fee management Order management Benchmark administration Consultation records Contract and customer management Strategy and product management Portfolio forecasting Portfolio analysis and monitoring Investment guideline monitoring (Fitting) algorithms Identflow Onboarding flow API interfaces Post-box Customer web app Customer advisor app Risk profiling flow iP3 plattform algorithm modules iP3 plattform regulatory modules iP3 plattform back-end modules Reports (quarterly, ex post, etc.) Customer mobile app

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2.4Mass Customization

We develop products your customers love!

Fewer and fewer customers want off-the-shelf services. This is just as true for financial services as it is for gym shoes. Investify meets this need by creating customized products. This enables us to achieve:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More customer interaction
  • Greater willingness to recommend
  • Lower price sensitivity
  • Less comparability1

Following the mass customization approach, we make the necessary processes simple for you and your customers, such as selecting thematic investments within the framework of a core-satellite approach. Our fitting algorithms ensure, for example, that the services offered perfectly match your customers and their risk appetite. #PerfectFinancialFit

66 Percent

of bank customers consider service individualization to be very important. 2

  • 1 Source: Franke/Piller (2004).
  • 2 Source: ZEB, digital puls check 3.0 (2018).
License Package Investment guideline monitoring Loss threshold monitoring KYC/PEP check iP3 plattform regulatory modules Reports (quarterly, ex post, etc.)

3.0Regulatory services platform

Innovative license, regulatory services, and value creation models

3.1Business process outsourcing

We handle your regulatory burden in the securities business

One of our strengths is that, as a regulatory services provider, we can handle regulated processes and activities (loss threshold monitoring, reporting, etc.) for you through business process outsourcing (BPO). Security and compliance are our top priority.

Our regulatory services modules are based on a financial portfolio manager license from the CSSF in Luxembourg. We are able to offer our services throughout Europe as part of the EU passporting system. As a technology-oriented company, we have also digitized numerous regulatory requirements and processes. #OutsourcingMakesItEasy

License Package Investment guideline monitoring Loss threshold monitoring KYC/PEP check iP3 plattform regulatory modules Reports (quarterly, ex post, etc.)

investify stands for security and reliability

CSSF license in Luxembourg

Branch in Germany

Internal audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers

Operation on servers in Germany

CSSF license in Luxembourg

Branch in Germany

Internal audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers

Operation on servers in Germany

3.2License provider

We enable innovative and cost-reducing value creation architectures - including for non-financials

Our regulatory and digitization services will support you in implementing the latest value creation architectures. The current market environment in particular shows that outsourcing regulated and unregulated activities is becoming increasingly important. It will save you money and make your more competitive.

We also offer extensive service packages for non-financials, which enable you to offer investment solutions even without your own license. For example, investify can legally act as an asset manager or investment broker under the B2B partner's brand. #UnlimitedOpportunities


Solutions for integrators

  • Value creation and regulatory services are mainly carried out in-house - investify focuses primarily on the technology
  • No/limited outsourcing to investify
Solutions for orchestrators

Solutions for orchestrators

  • The B2B partner focuses on core competencies, e.g. sales and asset management. Coordination of outsourcing
  • (Regulatory service) components are outsourced to investify

Solutions for market makers

  • Introduction of new levels of value creation (e.g. asset management) using the investify license
  • Almost all processes and requirements are handled by investify

The future is yours with investify TECH!

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Creating solutions together that feel right

Each of our B2B partners is different and has specific framework conditions, goals, and requirements. That's why, through our structured process, we meet you and your colleagues where you are in your digital transformation. Together, we will find excellent solutions that feel right for you.

This is what we strive for beyond the initial setup project. Our platform strategy ensures that we continuously provide you with innovative, customer-centric solutions that will make you successful in the long term, at no extra effort or expense! #PermanentCustomerCentric


Generating ideas: Need help solving your problems? We are happy to help you right from the start.


Challenges, planning, and consolidation: We assist you with product development, evaluating alternatives, and preparing business cases.


Making decisions: We are also happy to help you professionally prepare our solutions for board, project, and staff meetings.


Implementation: Our experienced team of IT experts, project managers, and portfolio managers will support you through the entire agile development and implementation process.


Continuous further development: Our platform approach ensures that your solution will continue to meet the high demands of the market in the long term.